Steampunk Project: Goggles

Most people who enjoy Steampunk would agree that the one thing you will need for a good Steampunk outfit is a good pair of goggles.

If you don’t know what steampunk is check out my post about it here “What is Steampunk?”

My projects seem to come in stages; I don’t always have a lot of time, so I plan out my stages and then when I have the time I know what I need to do.

Goggles Stage 1:

Goggles Stage 1

I wish I would have taken pictures of my materials before starting but no going back now.  This was my first stage; the body is a pair of welding goggles also called torch goggles. You would be hard-pressed to find them in stores because they are no longer used by welders, I got mine online. The Brass rings I got from a plumbing store, they are called brass p-trap brass slip fitting. They are not very expensive when you get them alone, but the entire brass p-trap can get pricey so just get the rings. The rings were smaller than the goggles, so I got some pipe fittings it would screw on to and fit those inside the goggles then screwed them in place just to hold them temporarily.

Goggles State 2:

Goggles Stage 2

At this stage, I got some screws and brass nut caps to replace the screws I was using before. I also found and attached what is called a jewelers glass, you can find them at harbor freight tools for around five bucks. I took one half of a hinge and drilled holes in it then bend it into an L bracket to hold the jewelers glass.

Goggles Stage 3: Final Stage!

stage 3

Here is the final product, I still might add some more accents to it, but I think they are rather good. I choose to go from four bolts per eye to eight because it gave it a fuller look. I painted the goggles and the pipe fitting black, and I moved the jeweler’s glass and mounted it at an angle because I thought it looked better that way. I put the goggles on my top hat because that is where i think i will be keeping them.

Well i hope that shows you a little of the work i put in to fabricating these goggles. The trick to making this stuff is to look at everything for what it could be not what it is or was made to be.

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