Life is good in November!

NovemberThings have been so crazy lately that I have not had time to blog or make any videos lately. If you would have told me this time last year that I would be engaged to a wonderful woman, have an amazing job where everyone really likes me and have a great new sister in law and a super cute niece I would… sucker punch them and take their time machine.

November has been busy; I started the month with a trip to a convention and an engagement and ever since then we have already set a date and booked a venue. The rest of November has been taken up by National Novel Writing Month, and I have been doing rather well this year.

I try to grow as a writer and each year during Nano. I try to challenge myself to something new. This year is set myself the challenge of never falling behind in my daily word count that being 1667 words a day. I have not fallen behind a single day and even spent a few days ahead here and there but it has not been easy.

I have uploaded a video since I uploaded “HIMYM in ten Seconds: Episode 3” a little over two months ago and it only has 87 views so far. I have a love-hate relationship with YouTube; I enjoy making videos, but I get a lot of hateful comments that I just delete and don’t respond too but lately I have heard from a few people who miss my videos.

Here is a message that was sent to my YouTube inbox this week:

“hey dude, love your videos so much, I really love the idea that you’re doing what you want to do, keep it up never let anyone tell you to be someone else, keep that fedora on – Ben Mccarthy”

And last Friday on twitter @spacegiraffe added me in a list of people he thought his followers should also follow, when I asked him why he added me to this list he said.

“Because I hadn’t seen your work in these parts for a while and felt that you needed some cool new followers to inspire you!”

I do feel inspired to get back to making videos and not just because of these two, but because I love doing it and I love expressing myself. I may not be very good right now but as Jake, the dog from adventure time once said, “sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something.”

So I am going to keep writing and finish my Nano book and when November has wrapped up this week, I hope to have the time to finish some videos and projects I had on the back burner and have the time to come up with new ideas and try to blog more because I really enjoy writing.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope to see you all soon with some wonderful new content!

Ben Crawford
The Fedora Nerd

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