Good can come from bad

You never know what will come from the events in your life, sometimes a bad experience can lead to better things in the future. We never know where this path leads; maybe the path that starts off rocky has the better pay off. I have just such a story for you today.

So last year I actually paid money to a matchmaking service (I won’t told you their name just yet), and it was a bad experience. I felt I paid too much and got very little in return. So a few weeks ago I chose to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. As I expected the company contacted me and asked for a meeting, and I went, but I totally did not expect what happened.

I actually met with the owner of the company; she was nice, and she explained that during the time I was a client she had cancer and the person who was covering for her was stealing from the company and not even trying with the matches she made, me being among them. The owner offered her sincerest apologies for my experience and said that the employee is now behind bars.

Here is the cool part, in talking, she talked about how her social media and website are hurting because her current social media person is not doing his job. I told her that I have a degree in web design, and I know social media very well. She asked if I would be interested in working for her and replacing her current media person. It will be part-time and I can do it from home, and we are starting off on a temporary basis, and if I do well it might be permanent.

This is a Christian company and from the interaction I have had with the people this time around has been good. I am being careful and making sure I am not being taken advantage of but if this works out I will be their social media manager and webmaster. It’s funny how things seem to work out for the good!

Only time will tell if this is as good as it seems, and I really hope it is.

The Fedora Nerd – Ben Crawford

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