About Me

Welcome to my world, my name is Ben Crawford, and I am the Fedora nerd. I am 26 years old, and I work in the IT field and love every minute of it. It’s not hard to see why I am the Fedora Nerd; I grew up loving computers, anime, video games and all things techy, and I also love to wear fedoras so the name was a natural.

This website is an outlet for my creativeness that I can’t keep bottled inside. On here you can expect to see videos, photos, blogs, projects of mine and lots of nerding out! I just want to share what I love, and if I don’t get it out I might explode!

My site has many pages, on my blog page I will talk about random stuff that matters to me. My video’s page will show my upcoming Vlog and other random videos I create for fun. My code vault is where I show off cool stuff I have written so you can use them in your own projects. My photo’s page will have cool photos I get from viewers and stuff I find around the net and my life. And my project’s page is where I will share my own personal projects.

Well, I hope you enjoy my site and make sure to follow me on twitter (#thefedoranerd) and like me on Facebook (Click Here). Feel free to leave comments on my videos and posts, I love to hear your opinions.

I hope you love my site and stay nerdy!