A true story

I will start by saying if you are a nerd and have not seen the three “The gamers” movies, then you are depriving yourself of something so amazing. It is only after watching the third movie that I felt compelled to write this blog post. They truly understand many things that are at the heart of being a nerd/geek, and they know how to make you laugh and even tear up once or twice.

I would say I love movies, and I love video games, and I also love RPG’s and good books so when it comes down to it, I love stories. When I experience a good story, it rings true in my heart and fills me with such pure euphoria. A good story inspires us to create; they make us better people and show us parts of ourselves through different eyes.

Every time I experience a good story I feel like creating and consuming more stories to fuel my heart. I aspire to make a truly good story, I write, and I create, and I try to make what might fuel others like stories fuel me. I enjoy writing, and I feel like I am getting better at it. This year for nano I am not only writing a main book but taking a stab at ten short stories, so I can try to get so many of the stories I have in my mind out into the world and see if they can stand on their own two feet.

I want to create; I want to bring things into this world and make gifts for humanity. The best story I can think of is the pure story of love, it is told in small acts and smaller stories. True love stories tell of parts of love that we recognize as part of the story of love. I have experienced the story of love personally and after spending a life time enjoying the story of love it’s nice to become part of it.

Stories shape us; they are how we keep our history and how we know who we are at the end of the day stories hold all the truth of the world.

My favorite TV show is “how I met your mother” and I just realized the reason I love it so much is in the first few lines ever spoken in the first episode, “Kids I am going to tell you an incredible story, the story of how I met your mother.”

My favorite book is not only a story but even in the book there is a person telling a story and the book is full of smaller stories as well. I am in love with stories, and I will forever be hunting them and learning from them and enjoying them.

I know this is a little ranting but after watching “The Gamers: Hands of Fate” I felt the need to write and create as I do when I experience a truly good story.

Please let me know if you have any views on what I have said.

The Fedora Nerd – Ben Crawford

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